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Reminder to those who still ask. Kakkoicon is not MAC. MAC is just Sogencon. They refuse to give the site back to us.
Hosted at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota, this internationally recognized three-day event comprises manga drawing workshops, guest lectures by academic experts and professionals in the anime and manga industry and a cosplay fashion show.

The event runs from September 25-27 at MCAD in Minneapolis, MN and is open to students of the school and non-students alike.

Check out our blog for updates on guests, workshops, news, and further info!


(Apologies for posting on multiple communities. We're trying to get the word out as much as possible!)
Sogencon - Elegant Wonderland Victorian Picnic

August 7 - 9, 2009
Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center
1211 West Avenue North. Sioux Falls, SD 57104,

Click here to register
Click for rules since they didn't upload it correctly

Not to mention the following panels I'll be running :)

  • What better place than this? What better choice than us? - Living your life to the Fanciest

  • Lolita in the East, West and Everywhere in Between

  • A Snarky Lolita's Guide to Why Your Costume Didn't Win - Late night +18

    Please do not wait until the last minute to register. I have a better idea of the treats I can get if I have a good idea of the head-count up front.
  • Next week! Friday March 6th!

    Voltaire @ Ground Zero

    Marscon is not an excuse. Tear yourself away from nerd stuff for 4 hours, then go back :)
    Event: VOLTAIRE at Ground Zero!
    What: Concert
    Host: The Next Element at Ground Zero
    Start Time: Friday, March 6 at 10:00pm
    End Time: Saturday, March 7 at 2:00am
    Where: Ground Zero

    The V man cometh back. Voltaire will end the night with his usual prowess and style. We'll have satanic surf band Lusurfer, DJ Blowtorch of PI Bar fame and infamy! burlesque, designers of decadent fashion (and some hot models to show it off for us!) This will be a major party! Don't miss it!

    JUST $6 21+ $8 18+
    2 4 1s 10-11!

    Sponsors Including:

    Blasphemina's Closet
    Scoundrelle's Keep
    Photosynthetique Imaging
    Midnight Muse Revue
    BlueBlood Magazine
    Sacred Divination
    Transmission with DJ Jake!
    Goth Prom!

    More to Come!

    Take your day after off now! You will drink a lot!

    And look at fashion...listen to music...something...

    Today is the day!

    Models, noon at the student center. Stylists, 2pm in the black studio or the grey studio. There will be signs!

    Fresh Fruits Basket Fashion Show Poster - http//www.mcad.edu/showPage.php?status=1=1135

    Remember! The Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits 5th Annual Fresh Fruits fashion show is on Friday!! That's a mere 5 days away! And it will be FREE! While the weekend's festivities are going to cost you $75 (since it's an academic conference with amazing international guests ranging from Japan to TOKYOPOP to Nasa), the fashion show is free and accessible to the masses. How awesome!!!

    It'll be a great event at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, so come dressed in your lolita, aristocrat or steampunk finest to show your spirit! Dressing up is not required, but it will be appreciated :) Paying registrants get first seating, so plan accordingly (there are 100 people registered for the conference so far).

    Friday September 26th, 7:30pm
    Minneapolis College of Art and Design
    Student Center
    2501 Stevens Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

    The designers are as follows:

    ROAR by Rory Snow
    Carousel Cafe
    Irregular Pearl Designs
    Scoundrelle's Keep
    Blasphemina's Closet
    And special guest
    Megan Maude

    Afterwards is my birthday party/wrap-up party/GLB Vol. 3 celebration at the ♥♥Kitty Kat Club♥♥ around 9:30-10:00p. Fancy dress preferred. And by fancy, I don't mean dressy-prom-wedding-stodgy-little-black-dress, I mean FANCY! Lolita, Aristocrat, Kodona, Neo-Dandy, Child of the Revolution, Steampunk, whatever!

    Join us if you live in MN or can afford a solid tank of gas :)

    Mandatory Meeting Today!

    If you're on staff or volunteering all weekend, you'd best be there! Today is a mandatory training meeting. Security, you MUST ALL BE THERE!


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